Be Good

In a world of “perfection”, strive to be more than that… strive to be good.

I know that sounds odd, a little backwards even, but I think I can make it make sense.

We are living in a world where everything we see is “perfect”. And if it’s not perfect, we often don’t see it. We see perfect models, perfect clothes, perfect selfies, perfect jobs, and perfect lives. We see perfect makeup, perfect hair, perfect tans, perfect relationships, and perfect families.

We see a society that is all about “me, me, me” (helllloooooo selfies on Instagram!) and “now, now, now”. We see a society that is all about how we look and less about who we are.

We see fake.

So instead of trying to be perfect, instead of trying to portray perfect, I want to strive to be good.

I want to be all of the things that really matter – kind, compassionate, strong, trustworthy, dependable, vulnerable, and real. I want to be known for inspiring and uplifting others, not bragging about the “perfect” parts of my own life. I want to be someone people come to when they need a friend, not someone more interested in her follower count than her real life.

I want to remind all of the girls out there watching my life through rose colored glasses on Instagram that my life is not perfect and their life will not be perfect and that is okay! We are so much better than perfect, and it is our storms that make us strong… not the sunshine.

Perfection is easy. It’s all over social media and it’s not real.

I’m going to be better than perfect. I’m going to be good.

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