Piper’s Zoo is a blog dedicated to the life of Piper the cat and all the other critters and goings-ons on her hobby farm.


Stop Comparing

My life is perfect. Don’t believe me? Look at my Instagram! Such pretty photos of a beautiful lifestyle with not a worry in the world. And geez, doesn’t it completely suck that your life is not as perfect as mine?

What is Love?

I recently read The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman even though it’s intended audience is married couples and that doesn’t apply to me. But I believe the ideas in the book apply to everyone, and if you intend for your relationship to flourish, this book may be a great place to start.

Meet Briana

Hey! I’m Briana.

Most days you can find me at home, carrying on a full-blown conversation with one of my animals, rockin’ the hay-in-the-hair look and yesterday’s jeans (because laundry and I don’t get along). I’m a horse obsessed little girl (despite my age), a high school senior photographer, and a Montana transplant learning to love the Pacific Northwest.